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App Design Workshops

"People say: 'Aren't you worried what students may do in the digital world?' My response, 'I'm more worried if we don't teach them how." - Scott Garofola

App Design Workshop

What will your students create?

Excellent Enrichment

Allow students to gain a valuable and practical insight into the technology sector whether to enrich a pupil's learning or provide a career insight.

Suitable for All Ages

Our workshop program is suitable for all ages and can be adjusted in technical ability accordingly allowing every student the opportunity to thrive.

Support your Curriculum

We link our workshops to the national curriculum, but where desired we can tailor this to your school's own or a subject-specific curriculum.

App Workshop

£ 949 / workshop
  • A full-day app design workshop where pupils will create an app for your school. The program can be linked and tailored to support your curriculum and maximise enrichment.
  • Full-Day App Workshop
  • Includes 1st Year App Fees

View an example school app